Download The Texas Family Fitness Mobile App!

Can’t remember when the next fitness class you were looking to attend at Texas Family Fitness happens? Or perhaps you’re looking for club specific challenges and don’t know where to start? Look no further than the Texas Family Fitness mobile application!

No matter which of our seven locations you belong to, our mobile app is the perfect way to stay on track with everything fitness. From social check-ins with your gym buddies to taking photos of your workout and progress to share with friends, everything you need is in one place. We’ve created an app that is the perfect companion for your fitness journey.

Social: Looking for a platform outside of Facebook where you can talk with your fitness buddies? Our app is perfect for that. All members have access to a social section within the app. While there you can interact with your friends (and others), as well as leave comments and post your results for your friends to see. Don’t forget to cheer them on when you see their posts.

Workouts & Goals: Never get off track again with your workouts and goals. Our app has ways to track where you want to be, how you’re planning on getting to your goal and more! In our Goal Center, input everything from your target workouts to complete to how quickly you want to complete them. Updating and tracking couldn’t be easier. See someone doing a workout you’re interested in? Ask them if they wouldn’t mind you recording it! Our app allows you to take a photo of a workout. It’s the perfect way to record a personal best or grab new workouts to try — just remember to always get permission first from the person. The Texas Family Fitness app also tracks calories burned and miles “gone” in the same place.

Classes: Get quick and easy access to all our group fitness classes by location. Texas Family Fitness’ mobile app allows you to see all classes and times no matter the location. Curious if you have time to sneak in a lunch break class? Check quickly from the app! Schedules are up to date and will reflect any changes. Never worry about holiday hours impacting class schedules without your knowledge.

Challenges: What better way to get fit than planning a challenge with your gym buddies? Stay up to date with engaging and limit-pushing fitness challenges. Whether it’s a New Year’s countdown or a fitness run in your area, this is the place to track them all. Many are family friendly and great to get the kids involved in extra fitness activities too. Check in weekly to see the new challenges up to enter. Plan one per month and see if you can’t rise to the occasion and do them all.

What’s even better than the top-notch features is that the app is Apple and Android friendly. Looking to download the application? Search in your application store or follow the links below to get started.